For those who refuse to be singularly defined 

Jay Honey is for those who cannot be summed up by a label. Those who live boldly and wholeheartedly. Those who know that we are all connected.

Jay Honey deliberately embraces the contradictory parts of ourselves. We don’t ask you to narrow yourself down, or make yourself smaller. We know that you define yourself, for yourself. We’re here to celebrate you.

Jay Honey’s designs celebrate the many layers of humanness: the silly, serious, public, private, nostalgic, and forward-thinking parts of the human mind.

The designs combine photography with original illustrations to communicate our innermost thoughts and feelings.

Jay Honey can be styled in any way that makes you feel like you. From sweats and sneakers to skirts and heels, the possibilities are as endless as your ideas.

We’re here to make you feel confident and comfortable. We’re all created with a combination of contradictory characteristics. Let your style reflect your complexities.

Honey Tees

Wear them plain or layer them for a new look.

Bags & Beanies

Stay warm and be cool.